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Resilience Pocketbook in Paperback


Pocketbooks accelerate learning. Packed with tips, tools and techniques, Pocketbooks provide the knowledge, skills and behaviours which are essential to improving performance, both individually and organisationally. They are written using accelerated learning principles to maximise memory retention and recall. It’s fun to learn with Pocketbooks and new skills are quickly transferred back to the workplace.

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Resilience is about an individual’s readiness to meet the world in a resourceful state. It means being equipped to deal calmly and confidently with challenging circumstances while being able to bounce back or recover quickly from setbacks.

With resilience comes less stress, less stress-related illness and, ultimately, better performance. And that’s good news, not just for the person concerned but for the organisation as a whole.

The Resilience Pocketbook is packed with coping strategies, tools and tips to show people how to draw out, strengthen and put into practice their inbuilt resources. A questionnaire is included which will identify strengths and weaknesses, and there is a section too on building resilience within teams – invaluable advice for team leaders, HR/OD practitioners and trainers.

A pocketful of tips, tools and techniques on how to stay calm and confident in times of difficulty and bounce back from setbacks.



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