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The Code Zone – teaching 6-14 year-olds coding skills

We have just added The Code Zone to our courses portfolio. From their website:

Learning to code should be all about having fun, getting creative and feeling free to explore without constraints! The Code Zone offers self-led and mentor-led memberships, where children aged 6-14 learn coding skills and build cool video games.

The Code Zone

Coding is a skill that is much in demand and can open the doors to many well-paid jobs for a massive variety of Businesses. Not just Gaming Companies, but Finance, Bio Research and modelling, Big Data, Corporate Back Office and so on…

Just to be able to write and publish this Article required the efforts of hundreds of coders, devoting hundreds of cumulative years designing, writing, debugging and improving the code. WordPress coders, Internet communications programmers and even the Operating System my PC runs on.

Children have a natural ability to absorb learning and if you make it fun, they will learn more quickly. The Code Zone was set up by two parents (and self-professed geeks), Paul and Ashley in 2019, It runs exciting online and in-person clubs introducing young people to the diverse, fun world of coding.

If you want to get your child going with coding, trying a few hacks, learning the basics and building up to the Minecraft Mod Club, then check out their website. Click the picture to get started

The Code Zone

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