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Find free courses with the UK Government’s “The Skills Toolkit”

The UK Government has pulled together some providers of online courses that are free to take. These courses are intended to improve Digital and Numeracy skills.

The Department for Education has not created these courses itself, rather (to use its own words) it has “consulted some of the country‚Äôs leading educational experts and employers to make up a collection of high quality resources to suit a range of interests and skill levels.”

All the courses are short courses that you can complete at your own pace in your own home and are split into:

  • Introductory online courses
  • Intermediate online courses
  • Advanced online courses

Introductory online courses from the Skills Toolkit

Introductory courses help you learn to use the internet safely for everyday tasks, like finding information, connecting with friends, internet shopping or using online services.

Intermediate online courses from the Skills Toolkit

Intermediate courses are for you if you already have some digital skills. They are a chance for you to build on what you know already and develop new skills like using online tools for business, producing online content and more.

Advanced online courses from the Skills Toolkit

Advanced courses cover more technical or higher level skills like coding, digital marketing, cyber security and more. These courses range from introductions to advanced concepts to help you master these skills.

To access all these Online Courses from the Government’s Skills Toolkit, click the following link:

Online Courses from the Government’s Skills Toolkit

Don’t forget that Online Courses Ninja has free online courses on its Database. Click the following link to see all the free online courses available:

Free online courses from Online Courses Ninja

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