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Dyslexia Awareness

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1 in 10 people have dyslexia but what does it mean? Find out more about this common learning disability and how to help people thrive with it

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“Orlando Bloom, Whoopi Goldberg and Steven Spielberg are some of the famous people who live with dyslexia. It’s a common learning disorder but would you recognize the signs?
Does your child or someone you know:

  • Have problems learning the alphabet?
  • Struggles when learning nursery rhymes like ‘Jack and Jill’?
  • Have a family history of reading or spelling difficulties?
  • Hesitate or says ‘um’ a lot when talking?
  • Uses vague language rather than the actual name of an object?
  • Have trouble remembering dates, names or phone numbers?

It could mean they have dyslexia. With this course you will learn the signs of dyslexia, and ways to help people manage and live with their learning difficulties.About 40 million adults in the US show signs of dyslexia. Unfortunately, only around 2 million are aware they are dyslexic. It tends to run in families, so if your parents are dyslexic, there’s a greater chance you will be too.People with dyslexia learn differently. Teachers, employers and their loved ones often feel frustrated because they are not being understood. And it’s even more stressful for the person with dyslexia. They want to learn but the method of teaching isn’t working for them.In our course, you’ll learn the best teaching strategies for people with dyslexia. With your help, they can conquer reading, writing and remembering by learning in the way that suits them.Understanding dyslexia awareness means you can help people reach their full potential whether that is children in the classroom, people at work, friends, family or neighbors.

Our online accredited course will help you to understand dyslexia, find out the causes and effects of the condition, and learn about dyslexia treatment and other strategies to work with dyslexia.People with dyslexia run the risk of being left behind if there aren’t enough people around who can work with them. It could be a teacher who doesn’t understand why a pupil won’t learn. A parent who knows her kid is smart but stumbles over words when reading. An employer may not realize a worker’s full potential because he or she cannot remember instructions.You’re in a fantastic position to help change things around. Sign up for our online Dyslexia Awareness course today, and get started towards your rewarding new vocation or career helping people manage dyslexia.

What will you learn?

Many people think dyslexia is a visual problem where kids write backwards or reverse letters. It’s a common preconception. Dyslexia has a negative impact on learning but people with this issue are just as smart as their colleagues or classmates. Dyslexia isn’t something that will be outgrown or cured. That’s why it’s important for people to know how to teach and train people with dyslexia so that they can overcome their challenges and be as successful as they deserve to be. You will learn the facts about dyslexia and how to properly help people overcome their learning difficulties. You’ll understand exactly what dyslexia is, how to spot the signs of dyslexia, ways to cope with dyslexia and any therapies or treatments which can help. Our online Dyslexia Awareness course will cover:

  • Causes and effects of dyslexia
  • How to identify and diagnose dyslexia
  • How to assess and evaluate a patient’s language
  • How to manage dyslexia
  • Teaching strategies for individuals with dyslexia
  • What dyslexia looks like in the classroom and the workplace

Our students leave this course with all the background knowledge and preparation they need to start a fulfilling and satisfying career in this field.

Who is this course for?

  • Whether you are a student looking to start your first career, or a professional who would like to try something new, our online Dyslexia Awareness course is specially designed to prepare you for a fulfilling and successful career helping others.
  • Teachers with pupils who are falling behind or having trouble learning can explore whether dyslexia is an issue.
  • Parents who have a child with dyslexia, or suspect their child has dyslexia, will be able to interact in the best way to help their kids.
  • Employers will know how to instruct their staff who have dyslexia in a way that they can understand and react positively to.
  • Everyone who interacts with the public! With so many people with dyslexia, it is important that everyone recognizes the symptoms and knows how to best work with people who have dyslexia.


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