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Personal Safety for Lone Workers


There are many risks associated with working alone in isolation. By taking this course you will be taking real steps towards minimising the risk and feeling safer.

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Course Description

Personal safety for lone workers is of prime importance. Every day in the UK, thousands of workers will be exposed to situations in which their safety could be put at risk, when they are left alone with customers or other members of the public.

Safety risks can be more of an issue when staff are working in isolation without the support of colleagues to help them should an emergency or dangerous situation arise. Safety precautions for lone workers are therefore essential to protect their wellbeing, personal safety and the business they are working for too.

For example, a robbery in a shop could leave a lone worker shaken, injured, unable to return to work for some time, and cost the workplace in terms of both finance and reputation.

Undertaking our Personal Safety for Lone Workers e-learning course can help staff learn how to safeguard themselves and the premises they look after, minimising risk for all.

Who should take this course?

The Personal Safety for Lone Workers course is for anyone who is required to spend time alone with customers or members of the public as part of their job. This could be night-time petrol station workers, shop assistants, community carers or even teachers.

What does this course cover?

Personal Safety for Lone Workers covers the following lesson plan:

  • Welcome and learning objectives
  • Introduction to lone working
  • Employer and employee responsibilities
  • Assessing the risks
  • Precautionary measures
  • Summary

After completing the course, learners will know:

  • What lone working is and why it is an issue worth finding out about
  • The personal safety responsibilities that both employer and employee have
  • The basic process of how people’s roles are assessed to see what potential risks exist from lone working
  • Key questions you can ask yourself in order to assess your own situation each time you work alone
  • Important advice on how to act and what precautions to take in order to reduce the risks of lone working


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