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Our Coaching course is suitable for managers wanting to improve their leadership coaching skills. Managers will learn about emotional intelligence and how it can be used in coaching, active listening, what the different types of questions used in coaching are and how to structure a conversation within coaching.

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Course Overview


  • Introductory Course
  • 45 Study Minutes
  • Online Study
  • Self-Printed Certificate


  • Up to 1 CPD Hour
  • CPD Certified

Course description

In a time where employees are looking for more meaning in their careers, managers are expected more and more to coach their team members, recognising that it helps increase team morale and motivate their teams.

But how can they develop their skills?

Our 45-minute online course explores this topic in depth imparting valuable insights which will increase any manager’s confidence in the topic. Written for new or experienced managers in any sector, the course delves into the skills required and covers the following topics:

  • Ways emotional intelligence can be used when coaching
  • Active listening skills
  • The different types of questions used in coaching
  • How to structure a coaching conversation

Our course will help you grow expert managers in your organisation. It is not only cost-effective and high-quality (as all our courses are) but through our human-centred design, we have made sure that the learner is at the heart. It is flexible, allowing the learner to complete them at a time and pace that suits them, and includes a range of interactive media – videos, challenges and downloadable resources – to ensure it is an engaging and meaningful learning experience.

This course is also available as part of our ILM Assured Leadership and Management Training Package, designed to help develop the managers and leaders of the future.

Other courses available in this package are:

  • Understanding Yourself
  • The Role of the Manager
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Performance Management
  • Communication
  • Managing Teams
  • Managing Change

You will learn

  • Identify ways to use emotional intelligence when coaching
  • Describe how to actively listen
  • Explain the different types of questions used in coaching
  • Explain how to structure a coaching conversation

Who is it for?

Roles including:

  • Senior or middle management
  • New or aspiring managers
  • Experienced managers
  • Project Managers


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