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Coffee Shop Online Training Essentials Package


This 12 course Virtual College training package is designed for coffee shops to ensure their staff are trained in many different areas including food hygiene, food safety, barista, health and safety, social media, safeguarding, fire safety and more. It is also suitable for those wanting to work in a coffee shop to boost their experience and include on their CV.

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Package Overview


  • Advanced
  • Over 20 Hours of Training
  • Complete at Your Own Pace; Online Study
  • Self-Printed Certificate


  • Over 20 CPD Hours
  • Meets UK / EU Food Handlers Training Requirements
  • RoSPA Assured

Package description

Finding out what training you need for your coffee shop can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve created this essential training pack to ensure your business and employees can get the training they need.

Starting up a coffee shop, or any hospitality business, is an extremely big challenge for anyone.

With a large range of topics such as finding the perfect supplier, leasing retail space and hiring the right staff, it isn’t hard to believe that taking the time to discover the appropriate training often takes a back seat.

That’s why we’ve developed this Coffee Shop Essentials Training Pack, which gives learners the training they need in order to work effectively in a coffeeshop or any hospitality business.

The courses offered in this Coffee Shop Training Pack aim to give learners a well-rounded knowledge of the hospitality industry.

The courses cover food safety training, such as how to implement a HACCP system or achieving a five-star food hygiene rating, and key hospitality training including customer service and upselling in hospitality.

We also include our digital marketing training course which will teach learners how to effectively market their business on multiple channels to help support the business’ growth.

Who is this course for?

This training pack is designed for anyone who owns or works in a coffee shop, café or any hospitality business.

These coffee shop training courses would suit job roles including, owners, managers, supervisors, baristas, waiting staff, front of house staff and bar staff.

Elearning Content

This training pack contains the following courses:

  • Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering
  • Level 2 HACCP
  • Customer Service in Hospitality
  • Barista Training
  • Upselling in Hospitality
  • Achieving a Five Star Food Hygiene Rating
  • Awareness of Health and Safety at Work Course
  • Food Allergy Awareness
  • Digital Marketing Trianing
  • Level 1 Safeguarding Everyone
  • Fire Safety Training
  • First Aid Primary Survey

Course Duration

For the average learner, these courses will take approximately one to three hours each to complete. Because it’s an e-learning course, you can complete this training in convenient stages and spend as long as you like on each section.

The system will record your progress throughout and you are encouraged to complete each lesson at your own pace.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for these coffee shop courses.

Test and Certificate

At the end of each course there will be a multiple-choice quiz testing your knowledge of the topic.

Following the successful completion of all the courses within this package, you will receive 12 digital certificates, which you can download or print. We recommend that you keep these for your records.

This course is not a formal RQF food safety & hygiene qualification, the levels only indicate the type of course so that businesses can choose whom it is suitable for.

You will learn

  • This training package will give you a well-rounded knowledge of the hospitality industry
  • How to implement a HACCP system
  • How to effectively market your business on multiple digital channels

Who is it for?

Roles including:

  • Anyone who owns or works in a coffee shop
  • Café Owners
  • Hospitality Staff and Owners
  • Managers, Supervisors
  • Baristas
  • Waiting Staff
  • Front of House Staff
  • Bar Staff


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