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With our Communication course, managers will learn how to assess current strengths and identify areas for development, how to communicate as a manager and within a team, how to manage conflict and also various ways of communicating during their role. From these topics’ managers will develop their leadership communication skills becoming more successful within their role.

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Course Overview


  • Introductory Course
  • 1 Study Hour
  • Online Study
  • Self-Printed Certificate


  • 1 CPD Hour
  • CPD Certified

Course description

It is no secret that good communication is important to success in the business world, and businesses will always benefit from employees who can not only communicate successfully with the clients or customers, but can communicate successfully within the business as well.

This is especially true for managers, whose communications can greatly affect the morale and performance of their team. But how do they develop this skill?

Our 60-minute online course is designed to do just that. Written for both new and experienced managers in any sector, our course provides valuable insights into a wide array of areas from different ways of communicating to how to manage conflict, as well as providing useful skills which can help them.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Assessment of the learner’s current strengths and areas for development
  • How to communicate as a team
  • How to manage conflict
  • Skills to help improve a manager’s communication
  • The different ways we communicate

Our course will ensure that you grow expert managers in your organisation. It is not only cost-effective and high quality (as all our courses are), but our human-centred design ensures that the learner is at the heart. It is not only flexible, allowing the learner to complete it at a time and pace that suits them, but the range of different media included – videos, challenges and downloadable resources – ensures that it will be an engaging learning experience.

This course is also available as part of our ILM Assured Leadership and Management Training Package, designed to help develop the managers and leaders of the future.

Other courses available in this package are:

  • Understanding Yourself
  • The Role of the Manager
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Coaching
  • Managing Teams
  • Managing Change

You will learn

  • Assess yourself to help you identify where your current strengths lie and areas for development
  • Support your understanding of how to communicate as a team and how to manage conflict
  • Explore skills to help you improve your communication
  • Understand the different ways we communicate

Who is it for?

Roles including:

  • Senior or middle management
  • New or aspiring managers
  • Experienced managers
  • Project Managers


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