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Level 1 & 2 Food Hygiene and Food Allergy Training Package


This collection of courses brings together all the essential knowledge an employee would need to be on-boarded with all key food hygiene and safety information and fulfil legal training obligations for food handling and allergies.

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Anyone who works in catering or hospitality needs to be aware of the latest food hygiene standards. Knowing how to clean and disinfect equipment, safely store and prepare food, and control common pests will allow you to handle food safely and ensure that you’re complying with all of the relevant health and safety standards.

Level 1 may be used as an introduction to the subject for children and people with an interest in preparing food safely for a family. It is ideal for use in schools, in addition to a regular curriculum, and for students prior to taking work experience in a food environment.

The Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering certificate is a great way to boost staff development, give confidence to customers and demonstrate the compliance of your organisation. This specific course is also endorsed by City & Guilds.

Our Food Allergy Awareness Training Course includes clear information and guidance to help learners identify and understand the main food allergens, and the importance of handling food containing allergens carefully in order to keep customers safe.

The material is provided in an interactive format that is designed to be engaging and accessible. A basic knowledge of food hygiene will mean learners progress quickly, but the course is designed for anyone working in the service or hospitality sectors and should be suitable for any staff member to give them the knowledge needed to work effectively and safely.



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