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Radicalisation and Extremism


Safeguarding anyone against radicalisation and extremism is an extremely important responsibility. It’s crucial that anyone working with vulnerable children, young people or adults are able to recognise the signs and symptoms of potential radicalisation.

This training course will help learners to understand various forms of radicalisation and extremism and how it can be recognised and countered. This course also looks into further steps and organisations to contact if they suspect someone is being radicalised.

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This is a wide-ranging course covering radicalisation and extremism. It explores how some people become vulnerable to it and how this can potentially lead to terrorism, how to counter this and actions you can take. It also details government initiatives and legislation.

Topics covered in this module include:

  • Extremism, radicalisation and terrorism, and the differences between them
  • Sources and types of terrorism threats
  • How the radicalisation process happens
  • Risk factors and how to identify people vulnerable to radicalisation
  • Government strategies, including CONTEST, Channel, and Prevent
  • UK legislation and actions to reduce acts of terrorism
  • Actions you can take

Case studies and videos are used to illustrate the information in the course, and there are also challenges to check your knowledge of the information covered at each stage of the learning.



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