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Level 2 & 3 HACCP Training Package


This training pack combines the Level 2 and Level 3 HACCP courses to create one bundle which gives you everything you need to know about Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points for your business.

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Anyone who works in catering or hospitality needs to be aware of the latest food hygiene standards. Knowing how to clean and disinfect equipment, safely store and prepare food, and control common pests will allow you to handle food safely and ensure that you’re complying with all of the relevant health and safety standards.

By taking both courses, you will be able to fulfil your legal obligation around EU Food Hygiene legislation and sufficiently assist other staff members in implementing an effective HACCP plan.

Level 2 HACCP teaches learners about the HACCP regulations for the management of food safety. It is designed to ensure that food handlers know how to comply with the HACCP Food Hygiene guidelines and can confidently implement food safety practices in their workplace.

Level 3 HACCP provides food supervisors and managers with the training they need to implement a successful HACCP system in their workplace. Those trained to Level 3 are able to successfully introduce and monitor food safety regulations, and ensure that employees are suitably trained and competent to work to internationally recognised HACCP standards.

The material is provided in an interactive format that is designed to be engaging and accessible. A basic knowledge of food hygiene will mean learners progress quickly, but the course is designed for anyone working in the service or hospitality sectors and should be suitable for any staff member to give them the knowledge needed to work effectively and safely.



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