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COVID-19 training


This free online training course has been created by our partners at Learn Et Al. It aims to provide learners with information on COVID-19 and suggests best practice for businesses in the current climate.

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The course structure is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • What are the symptoms?
  • How to prevent COVID-19?
  • Social distancing & Self-isolation
  • Best practices for work (home & on location)

This course contains challenges and evaluations to help learners check their knowledge as they progress. Resources are available throughout this course so learners can access the latest information on COVID-19. Information on references for this course are also provided within the training.

This training also provides learners with links to up to date, online sources of information for the latest developments on COVID-19.

How to use this free course

This course is not authorised medical advice and should only be used for information and educational purposes only. The content covers an overview of COVID-19 as well as the general approach individuals and business can take towards minimising the risk of infection.

This training is for educational purposes only so does not constitute professional medical or public health advice and should not be relied upon in place of professional medical or public health advice.

Links to professional and public health body websites are contained within the content in the resources section.



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