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HACCP for Supervisors and Managers


The aim of this training is to develop an understanding of HACCP-based food safety management, and how it is best implemented and maintained in a food business or organisation.

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Course Description

Food safety systems are an integral part of any business operating within the food industry, and must be overseen by a manager or supervisor to ensure all procedures are put in place and followed by staff. Businesses may use a system designed to meet their needs, but EU law requires that all food safety systems are based on the HACCP guidelines and so it is important that food staff understand them.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and is a seven-principle system designed to assess and address potential hazards in food industry workplaces. Employers must take responsibility to ensure senior staff are trained in HACCP principles and can reassure other staff members by providing guidance and instructions in line with your internal HACCP plan.


Our HACCP for Supervisors and Managers training course will help senior members of staff gain a detail understanding of key HACCP guidelines by teaching and sharing the information in a simple, engaging and comprehensive manner. By the end of the course, the learner will be able to advocate HACCP principles within your organisation and ensure all methodologies are being followed at your workplace.

As they work through our course, learners will learn about all aspects of HACCP. They will be able to explain the need for a food safety system based on HACCP; how the HACCP principles are used to create a food safety system; how HACCP is applied to the type of food business you work in, and why procedures and documentation are needed to consistently produce safe food.



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